Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card/Bank Transfer

Buy Bitcoins with Credit/Debit Card

Following are the steps to buy bitcoins through your credit/debit card:

2- Select currency USD
3- Enter Amount in USD of your Order [XXX.XX] USD.
4- Enter this wallet address : 1pHGYy7bfcp5QurJPDeYAwzbJt6G2ciy4
5- Click next
6- Enter Card Details
7- Enter Billing details
8 – Enter email address and phone number plus your birthdate
click next.
9- it will ask you to verify your email buy clicking the link in your email plus verify your sms 4 digit code
10- Then it will ask you to upload the type of documents there are three types , Passport , Drivers License or ID
select which ever you want to upload
11- Upload the front picture with clear 4 edges of the card and crystal clear text written on it
12 – do the same for back picture of the card.
13- Enter details related to your Drivers License card or which type you have selected and click next .
14- Next step will take you to the 3d authorization if you have security on your credit/debit card.
15- You need to call your bank to authorize the payment from Paybis-Simplex [this is will show on your credit/debit card statement]

Pay Anonymously with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryotocurrency in the world. If you already have Bitcoin in your wallet, pay for your order by sending bitcoin to the bitcoin wallet address below


After sending bitcoin, simply notify us by email to [email protected] and include your Order ID so that the payment is associated with your order. If you do not know your Order ID, no problem. We can locate it using your order using your email address. If you know how to make a screenshot and send as proof of payment we highly recommend you do so.

If you do not yet have bitcoin, then you can easily purchase some using any of the methods outlined below.


Please note
The websites mentioned above are just recommendations by us based on reviews in Internet and we are not responsible for their activity, policy, terms and conditions.
You should buy Bitcoins from any provider you trust to purchase from.

If you already have Bitcoins but you have not place an order with us yet and you want to place an order, you should choose bitcoin as your payment option.

If you already have Bitcoins and ready to place an order with us:

  1. After you submit an order – our sales agent calls/sms you to confirm it.
  2. You get and email with our Bitcoin address.
  3. You pay and status of your order changes into PROCESSED

We are 24/7 happy to help you! Choose the convenient way to contact us here.